When everything seems useless.

2 min readJan 17, 2022

Useless. Unworthy. Wastage of time.

I have a particular feeling, I don’t know it’s name or maybe I just don’t wanna name it and analyse it; that everything I am doing is useless. It doesn’t matter how far I can go. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a process. It doesn’t matter how much I do it, it just never ends.

I know this is a feeling that everyone gets atleast once in their life, that they are struck at just one point and not moving at all, doesn’t matter how hard they try. And I know that it’s just the process, and eventually the ones who don’t stop will win.

Nothing spectacular will happen when you win, everything will happen just the way it should be, if you keep moving inch by inch. And then, one day you will have, what you desire now. And you won’t be surprised for having it, because you knew altogether that all your sacrifices got you that thing that you desired now. Maybe you won’t be happy, maybe it won’t match the satisfaction that you thought you would have. But it will be yours, doesn’t matter if you gonna notice it or not.

What I want you to know is the feeling of staying at one point for the longest period of time you can ever imagine.

The sunshine and the moonlight of those days that feel exactly the same for years.

The time when your body doesn’t move at all.

When you doubt reality. And, everything becomes an illusion, that always lives inside you.




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