What makes you up at night ?

Mar 5, 2022


Are you dreaming or just lost in thoughts?

Is it the changing weather bothering you or the sound of silence at night?

Does the intimacy of wind touch you gently or haunt you?

What is it, what bothers you the most, the dream or just yourself?

How’s your blood in the veins crawling, is it smooth or rushed when you are alone?

How do you feel about your youth, do you live recklessly that you have nothing to lose, or do you believe in doing the work to achieve things?

Do you like yourself wild or you wanna taste the monotone of life?

Do you like the roughness of the stiff mountains or the smoothness of the calm and deep ocean?
What does your heart prefer?
Where do you belong?




I write stories that can warm your heart and can gives you chill.