The left behind

Whenever we listen to a song, all the memories came right in front of us related to it. Likewise, whenever that month comes when we have lost a loved one, it’s natural to remember them and the feeling that it was just yesterday when it happened.

It takes just a few days to crumble up the world that I have believed in for years.

All I have is regret after you left.

Ashamed that I am living, eating, and breathing this air.

Why am I going to the places which we wished to go together

Why am I happy while you struggled.

Coward to leave you behind early that night.



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Daisy Kataria

Daisy Kataria


20. Experimenting Everything that comes in my way. Adopting the philosophy to treat everyone as kindly as possible. 🌈 Sun, Stars and Crystals are my thing. 🌈