Series and Patterns

Daily Blog #14

Dec 1, 2021
Some patterns that I really like

Patterns makes things beautiful, and captivating.

My heart is more drawn towards the things that are in order rather than random arts, doesn’t mean to criticize them. But things that are in patterns, in order or in repetition feels like a warm, home like feeling.

Anything that you know, how it will happen feels more relaxing.

Predictable things. They aren’t going to make your heart go crazy but they will calm you.

Same goes with anything with repetition that’s why I believe we watch a series or movie again and again or eat our comfortable food all the time or going with the same damn clothes most of the days, while your wardrobe is full.

It goes same with art, that makes your eyes struck in patterns and repetition.




I write stories that can warm your heart and can gives you chill.