Not just a Book review, but a psycho-analysis of “IT ENDS WITH US”.

2 min readDec 28, 2021


I am quite not sure about it, but why the heck I am still sympathizing with Ryle !!!!

Of course, it screws me up the way he did whatever he did, and not even an explanation of 200 pages can cover up the domestic abuse, that he did, and not also any person’s childhood trauma can cover up the harassment he/she does.

I don’t exactly know what am I feeling right now about Ryle, he was the character that you know from the starting that he would end up miserably and you can’t stop yourself from falling for him. I just wished he controlled his temper a lil.

I know any girl would never deserve domestic abuse or any kind of abuse ever, So I completely favor Lily in all ways and agreed with her at all points.

But her meeting up with Atlas, having all those journals and tattoo and magnet while being Ryle’s wife, was too much! Any sane person would go mad after finding those out as Ryle went but he went a step further, which destroyed him completely.

And Atlas, gosh that boy waited so long and his love for lily never ender. I loved the end where he whispered in her ears that Lily you can stop swimming, we have reached shore now.

bUT I THINk the ending should be more explained, I MEAN I NEEDED A FEW INTIMATE MOMENTS WITH ATLAS ALSO!

I know how much it is really difficult for a person to leave someone he/she has loved the most, it’s not easy to forgive them even when they hurt you all the time. We just keep pushing off our limits whenever someone we love hurts us. And after some time, it’s way off our capability to get out of that. The limits are long gone and you just accept everything blindly.

This book also addresses the main aspect of abuse that why is it so hard to move on even when we have completely lost ourselves, and how we make excuses each time for the abuse and won’t take any actions.




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