Ch-1, This is Marketing by Seth Godin

Not Mass, Not Spam, Not Shameful…

Before getting into this masterpiece, I want you all to know about the master creator of this book, Seth Godin. He is considered the god of marketing in the industry. This book is a short part of his 100 days seminar . He has written 7500 blogs on his website (he writes them daily, without missing a single day!), 19 best-selling books, and 8 udemy courses. All in all, he is an extraordinary person. You can get to know about him more on his website:

Coming back to my notes on the first chapter :

Have you ever seen emails spamming your inbox by Apple begging you to buy a Macbook? No, right! We all know that Apple would never ever do that. It has created a meaning, impact, connection, possibility for its customers, that’s what a real marketer does, not a selfish marketer who would beg, spam, hustle to get a click on the site.

Marketing means seeing what others see, building tension (like Penguin Magic, it sells magic trick tickets by demonstrating the trick in a video and you have to buy the ticket to learn the trick), aligning with tribes, creating ideas that spread (as Pepsi created a campaign, Youngistan, where the youth of India connects to speak on something important or to find a cool solution to difficult problems), creating honest stories that resonate (as Airb&b does by their add: A Different Paris, where a lady get to know the real Paris by the eyes of a Parisian, who happens to be her host, which indicates the real value of Airb&b that it’s not a cheap travel option but a way to experience a city through a friend’s eyes), understanding customer’s worldviews and desires to connect with them.

Marketing seeks volunteers, not victims.

If you have an iPhone, will you ever think to switch back to Androids? No, because you like the bond it has created with you, it has a huge impact on you. You will defiantly gonna miss it badly! That’s what real Marketing is, you miss it when that product is gone!

It actually is a generous act of helping others.



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