How is it feel to be in control

When everyone holds the pieces of your brain but never you

When everyone wanna teach you in a little version of themselves

When you struggle each moment just to be like them

It’s like you are on a thin line of your reality and their dreams

loosing yourself, just to be better, day by day

and it will never stop, You can never be free.



Are you dreaming or just lost in thoughts?

Is it the changing weather bothering you or the sound of silence at night?

Does the intimacy of wind touch you gently or haunt you?

What is it, what bothers you the most, the dream or just yourself?

How’s your blood in the veins crawling, is it smooth or rushed when you are alone?

How do you feel about your youth, do you live recklessly that you have nothing to lose, or do you believe in doing the work to achieve things?

Do you like yourself wild or you wanna taste the monotone of life?

Do you like the roughness of the stiff mountains or the smoothness of the calm and deep ocean?
What does your heart prefer?
Where do you belong?



Each day you live with the last worst thing happened to you.

Each day you carry that heaviness with you.

Untill the moment, something worse than worse happen.

And then, you forget about the past because you have new scars now.

The world you believed in for years, suddenly becomes an lie. A lie that carried away the heaviness in your heart, just to bring more and heavy version of it.



There are days when all I want is to stay

To stay where I belong

To be in the place that is not for you, not for anybody, but just for me

To be with the person who stays with me after EVERY party

To do the things that are monotone but mine

To live in a place where all I can see is Life in its raw form

The days when we want to settle down,

Aren’t those the days for which we do everything, every day

The days when every heart wants to stay

The days when you become still



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I don’t know what it was, when you held my hand just for the sake to protect.

I don’t know what it was, when your eyes glitter up with my every achievement.

I don’t know what it was when I showed you my ugly side, and you cared for me.



Daisy Kataria

20. Experimenting Everything that comes in my way. Adopting the philosophy to treat everyone as kindly as possible. 🌈 Sun, Stars and Crystals are my thing. 🌈